The Vision of CEO Short cut is so much bigger than any one business or any one person.  The vision is Christian Entrepreneurs On Fire going throughout the world building businesses and making disciples for the glory of God.  

We want to have businesses that are actually mini training centers that will train and disciple people in one year to be able to reproduce themselves in making disciples and running businesses.  We will do this through simple, reproducible discipleship models and duplicatable business models.  

Our desire isn’t to sit on the beach collecting sea shells and retiring at 50 (or 30).  We want our lives to count for the things that are going to count for all of eternity.  We want to sign a contract to say YES!  We are saying Yes, to the Lord no matter what he asks or where he sends us.  So when he asks we are already committed.  We want to be part of a movement that is going into all the world to make disciples in diverse context.  

Eventually, we hope to have hundreds of businesses around the world, independently owned by our own entrepreneurs with the same heart, that are focused not only on making a profit but making a difference.  We would also like to have a large campus somewhere that can act as a training ground and HQ for the movement.  Not as an organization that is directing the movement but as a place where try to discern where the spirit of God is moving and how we can respond to that.  

There was a former Navy base in West Virginia, that cost upwards of $160 million to build, that ended up selling for $4,010,009.90.  This would have been a perfect place to act as a discipleship training ground and business proving ground for this growing movement of business being part of God’s plan to bring completion to the great commission.  

Business as mission college training ground

View of the former military base from the air that sold for $4 million.  

We know that when the time is right God will provide another place that will be perfect to see the movement move to the next level.  

We think the movement will have 3 stages and not 4 that most have.  


This is where we are at now creating one base that can make disciples and launch profitable businesses.  We hope to have 2 entrepreneurs each year out of a group of 10-12 launch a new base the following year.  We anticipate needing funding during this stage to get the movement off of the ground along with mentoring of many who are in the second half of life, who have had successful businesses and have a heart to see the Kingdom of God expanding around the world.  


We will see the model effectively multiplying with both disciples and businesses being able to grow and multiply each year.  To really grow and flourish the movement needs to be self sustaining at this point with each business providing for itself and possibly earning the capital to help buy and launch businesses that will be additional disciple making communities.  


It is at this stage that I anticipate God will provide some sort of campus that will be a sort of training ground and gathering place for the movement as it grows.  We want to stay nimble and responsive to the spirit and try to learn from movements that have gone before us.  

Organization or Death

I think we might have a chance to avoid this stage which is why I said that the movement will have 3 stages and not 4.  I think there is a chance that this movement could not only be alive and well as we see the great commission fulfilled but be an active part of it’s fulfilment.  

We are looking for mature christian leaders both who have capacity, skills, desire and heart to invest in the next generation of business leaders. If there is anyway we could partner please contact Buddy to see about possible partnerships.  

If this vision resonates with you in anyway and you’d like to be a part of CEO Shortcut or help as a mentor or trainer please do contact us today.