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• Are day-to-day responsibilities taking away from the big

• Do you find your company not executing efficiently?

• Are you missing out on family time?

• Is there never enough time to get things finished?

• Do you feel like an employee at your own business?

• Is work a complicated maze of to-do lists and concerns?

Owning a business shouldn’t be so hard.  

It doesn’t have to be.

Are you a business owner that wants to make
the transition to operating as a CEO?

Hi, I’m Buddy Rathmell and I’ve been on both the stressed out, hopeless, overweight, going deeper into debt side of the entrepreneurial game to where I am now, enjoying running my life, business and nonprofit in a way that brings me joy and allows me to have 100% energy focused on my clients and my family and moving towards my dreams.  Set up a call today to see if we can help you make the same strategic moves.

Buddy Rathmell

Founder, CEO SHortcut

We have a step by step process that we guide you through to take you on a journey from stressed and overwhelmed business owner to CEO.

The 8 Step Process will leave your team enjoying their work more.  In fact, we call the initial process of working on organizational health, “Love to Work.”  The clarity the system brings to your team helps them to align with what is most important for the business to accomplish to reach its full potential.

How does it work?

We connect with each business to see what particulars are most important for your business right now.  If nothing stands out as critical or foundational to keep us from starting on the general work flow it looks like the three step process below.  


1. Owner Gets Clear on Personal and Business Vision.
2. Executive Team brought into discussion. Fills out survey.
3. Entire team brought into discussion. Fills out survey.


4. Start Love to Work process for entire team.
5. Leadership Team begins work on Foundational documents &
Regular meeting flow set and scheduled for the entire company.


6. Begin to Execute on Rockefeller Habits.
7. Standard Operating Procedures created across organization.
8. Continue for 18-36 months until Rockefeller Habits fully engrained.

Clarify your Vision

Execute on Strategy

Grow Your Business

GET BETTER RESULTS BY Starting the Love to Work Process Today!

If you know you want to get started set up a call today.  The call is FREE and the first month comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you aren’t happy for any reason with the process.  

We want you to love to work and to love to work with us.  


Lead Consultant Buddy Rathmell

Worked in IT with a Fortune 250 Company
Worked as a Consultant for multiple Fortune 500 companies
Started (Since Sold)
Certified as a Leadership Coach in 2009
Trained as a John Maxwell Certified Trainer
Birkman Personality Consultant Has done Organizational Training and Consulting on 4 Continents
Has traveled to all 50 US States and 40+ countries
Started Stop Slavery to combat Modern Day Slavery
Wants to help you win as the CEO of your Business

You can...

Be Bold in Vision
Strategic in Planning
Disciplined in Execution

In Short...You Can WIN!