We are looking for adventurous 18-30 year olds that want to create a business that will allow them the complete freedom to live out the purpose they feel that God has created them for. These are the kind of people who are looking for something more intentional and fulfilling than the American Dream.  They want to make their lives count for eternity and they know that they are more likely to do that with a business providing for them rather than spending endless hours in a sterile, grey cubicle.  

CEO Shortcut we’re aware that the world is changing and college is no longer a guarantee to a great job. We will open your eyes to the possibilities available with an online business while providing you with working models to create a business that provides the freedom to live a Kingdom advancing life.  At CEO Shortcut we will challenge you to grow deeper in your walk with the Lord while providing a pathway to a profitable business.  
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Training Curriculum

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What if I have a business model that I want to work on?

We love it when our entrepreneurs have their own business model that they want to launch or expand with our help.  Obviously, it needs to be an online business if you are going to be building it while in our program.  Some folks will be working on a business that they will be launching after the program.  

What if I have to go to a wedding or event?

We look at this on a case by case basis and would prefer to know ahead of time if you are going to need to miss a portion of the training but we are willing to work with you and we know that there are always emergency situations that can not be planned for ahead of time.  

What will a typical day look like?

Breakfast and time with God on your own.

8:30-11:00 Worship & Prayer, Discipleship Training or Business Training depending on the day.  

11:00-12:30 Business Building Project.

12:30-1:30 Lunch prepared by our chef.  

1:30-4:00 Business building project

4:00-5:00 Personal Development Project (Write a book with our simple spoken process, Learn to code, start a vlog etc)  

6:00 Dinner prepared by our chef.  

What will a typical week look like?

Monday through Friday will typically be the daily schedule with the first hour of the morning often being slightly different.  Saturdays are free for adventure, elephant riding, cliff jumping, hiking or just relaxing.  Sundays there are church or house church options.  On the weekend the chef has off so you'll need to purchase grocery items with your food allowance or eat at one of the many local restaurants.  

What dates are we traveling to other locations?

Typically we will hit Pai in October, Kho Samet or Phucket & Cambodia in December, and Sydney, Australia in February or March.  To keep the overall cost down we will be looking to travel on discount airlines when we can get deals.  

How safe is Thailand?

Very safe as far as getting robbed or mugged go.  We feel safer here than just about any city in America.  I may or may not leave my key in my vehicles and moped at all times.  🙂  It is dangerous to ride mopeds and for that reason we generally do not allow first year entrepreneurs to ride them.  

What if I want to be an entrepreneur but I don't want to run an online business?

This might be the best program in the world for getting the skills you actually need to be successful running a business in 2017 and beyond. Your preparation here to lead, buy or build a business when you finish will set you up for a lifetime of kingdom focused success.  Let us know about your dreams and we'll let you know if we think we are the best path to help you reach them.  If we aren't, we will encourage you in a different direction.  

What if I am a business builder and not an entrepreneur?

We love business builders!  In fact, if you are a talented person that gets along well with others you'll probably find yourself being recruited by every entrepreneur in the program that wants to build a larger business and knows they'll need help.  

Why is this program so cheap?

We are independently supported and do not take any money from the program and we live in Thailand.  You can still get a latte for $1.25 and a meal for the same.  

Can I get a driver's license?

You are welcome to get a driver's license for a car or truck but we do not permit entrepreneurs in our program to drive motorcycles or mopeds while part of the program.  We used to allow students to drive when we started our school until this guy, Austin,

Austin discipleship business

got hit by a dump truck.  Thankfully, he was OK but we revisited our moped policy after that in the interest of safety.  

What if I don't know exactly what business I want to have?

Perfect.  If you did, there is a good chance you wouldn't want to come to our school.  We will spend the first month of CEO Shortcut Academy going through how you are wired as well as opening you up to the possibilities of online business to see what the best match for you would be.  

Will there be other travel opportunities available?

Yes, there are often great deals on discount airlines to Japan, Bali, Singapore, Laos, the Philippines etc.  This is not included in the cost of the program but there will be at least two 4 day weekends available for optional travel.  We will try schedule these weekends around times when you can find cheap flights.  

What sports and activities are readily available?

Basketball (I play 2X a week), Ultimate Frisbee, Softball, Soccer, Futsal, Hiking, Camping, Mountain Biking, Road Biking, Street Hockey, Volleyball and of course badminton.  It's actually such a big thing here they have their own shoes for it.  My 16 year old daughter likes to go cafe crawling because we hundreds of cafes with cheap coffee here.  Movies will set you back $3-$6 depending on the day of the week and popcorn is reasonably priced.  There are other things as well.  Google your activity and Chiang Mai and there is a chance they do it here.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

The CEO Shortcut Facility

The facility that you will be staying in for the CEO Shortcut Program is the YWAM BAM House (Youth with a Mission Business as Mission House). If you are married, we have access to additional facilities as well.  Beds are provided but if you want to enjoy an afternoon nap in the trees you need to bring your own hammock.  
We are located in a gated community south of the main part of the city.  It's less than 10 minutes to the mountains, for hiking and mountain biking, 15 minutes to the airport and 20 minutes to downtown.  
We will have a team vehicle to get around and each entrepreneur will have a bike to visit local cafes, restaurants, or to just get out and explore.  
Breakfast is on your own each day with breakfast items provided; coffee, tea, eggs, toast, fresh seasonal fruit, muesli etc.  Monday - Friday lunch and dinner will be cooked by the team chef.  Weekends are generally for exploring and the chef has off so you can either purchase things at the store with your food allowance (this is included in your course fees) or eat out.

Buddy Rathmell - Founder

You can find out more about Buddy at www.buddyrathmell.com 

CEO Shortcut Academy Webinar

Click on the image above to be taken to a short 15 minute Webinar replay about CEO Shortcut Academy or go to this link: https://youtu.be/8EmmsCr8nzE


The Important Info

The Goal:  To become more like Christ while setting up the foundation for a business that can support you anywhere in the world.

Fees include all resources for training, speaker payments, all meals and lodging during your stay, travel to and from various locations, visas  and all costs associated with travel (airfare, lodging) & the Nomad Summit.

Not Included in cost: Airfare to and from Chiang Mai, Thailand, extra drinks and snack food, tourist things like riding elephants or visiting Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia, snorkeling, surfing or walking across the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

The Dates: January 15, 2019 - April 4, 2019.  - 11+ weeks

*If you would like to attend but the cost is a problem let us know as there are some other options available.  

Peter Vanosdall - Digital Entrepreneur

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